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Cubs Indoor Challenge 2018

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On Saturday 24th February, eight teams took part in the
annual Cubs Indoor Challenge.

The teams from 5th Guildford ‘Lions’, 1st Stoughton, 2nd
Guildford, 1st Rydes Hill, 1st Weyfield and St Nicolas 9th
Guildford had to construct a marble run to see how far a
marble can run from the start to finish. They were marked
on behaviour, teamwork, design of the run and they were
measured how far the marble ran. The points were close but
5th Guildford ‘Lions’ won

Thanks goes to all the leaders who helped on the day and to
Weyfield School for the use of their hall for the event.

New Activity Badges

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Ahead of the launch of the revised programme in 2015, the Scout Association has launched a range of new activity for the Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer sections.

Some of the New Activity Badges

Some of the New Activity Badges

For further information on any of the new badges, use the links below:

Beaver Scout Activity Badges

Camp Craft 
Disability Awareness

Cub Scout Activity Badges

Backwoods Cooking
Fire Safety
Disability Awareness

Scout Activity Badges


Explorer Scout Activity Badges

Survival Skills

Staged Activity Badge for all sections

Time on the Water

Cub Scout’s footsteps for the future

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Matthew Hill, aged 8, from 2nd Guildford Scout Group has raised over £2,500 to help rebuild his Scout HQ by completing a 32 mile walk.

Matthew walked from Guildford to London to raise money to help rebuild his Group’s Scout meeting place. His efforts means Scouting can continue to deliver high quality activities and opportunities for young people.

Starting his trek at his Scout meeting place, Matthew finished up at Baden-Powell House in Central London over the course of the Bank Holiday weekend, 4-7 May.

In the weeks leading up to the walk, Matthew surpassed his goal of £1,000 in donations and by the time he reached Baden-Powell House, had raised £2,615 with more donations still to come.

Well prepared

Though the walk was a wet one, Matthew was well prepared, having completed several practice walks with his supportive mum, Anne.

His favourite leg of the trip was at Hampton Court where he was surprised by well wishers and also took in some sightseeing. Rather than hosting an event within his community, Matthew opted for the hike, saying ‘There’s no cost for a walk. You just say what you’re doing and if people think ‘yeah, I like it’, then they’ll give you some money.’

An investment in the future

The 2nd Guildford Scout HQ was deemed unfit for purpose earlier this year. ‘Our scout HQ was condemned,’ Matthew said. ‘We’re not allowed to use it anymore.’

While it has undergone remedial repairs, the building will need to be completely rebuilt to ensure Scouts’ enjoyment for many years to come. The new facility will be more environmentally friendly and offer improved facilities for those with additional needs. The rebuild is at an estimated cost of £114,000 and the group hope to return to their HQ in 2013.

Find out more
For more information about 2nd Guildford and their plans for a new HQ, please visit their website where you can also find out how to donate.

5th Guildford Cubs Visit Blackbushe Airport

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On Sunday 3rd July, four Sixers from 5th Guildford ‘Lions’ were invited to Blackbushe Airport to go through the air activities badge.

As well being able to site in a plane and learn the controls they learnt the phonetic alphabet, recognised tail fins from ten commercial airlines and learnt which part of the plane does what. Thanks goes to Rikki (Paul Wakely) and Tony from Blackbushe Aviation for organising this visit.

District Cub Quiz 2011

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Eight teams from Guildford West battled it out to see who was the brains of Guildford in last nights district quiz.

This years competition was hosted by last years winners St Nicolas/9th Guildford and was held at the URC in Guildford.

Teams from 5th Guildford, 1st Rydes Hill (St Marys), 2nd Guildford, St Nicolas/9th Guildford, 1st Stoughton and 1st Normandy answered questions on Science, Spring, Sports, General Knowledge, Famous People, Geography, Outdoors and Scouting.

It was a close competition but 5th Guildford came first by just 1 and half points with last years winners St Nicolas/9th Guildford coming second.

District Cubs Handicraft Competition 2010

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In true Blue Peter style, with egg boxes and sticky backed plastic, six teams competed against each other to design a Christmas Mobile, Table Decoration and a Christmas Tree Decoration.

The teams had to design and build a Christmas Mobile (similar to the Christmas advent used by Blue Peter), a table decoration and Christmas Tree decoration using tinsel and other Christmas materials.

At the recent competition, held at 1st Normandy Scout HQ, six Teams from 5th Guildford ‘Lions’, 1st Normandy, 2nd Guildford, St Nicolas/9th Guildford, 1st Rydes Hill (St Marys) and 1st Stoughton. The teams were marked on teamwork, behavior as well as there finished products.

The results were:

1st – St Nicolas/9th Guildford
2nd – 1st Normandy

District Cubs Backwoods Day 2010

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On Saturday 2nd October, Cubs from the Guildford area congregated at 1st Normandy Scout HQ and grounds to participate in a backwoods day.

The Cubs from 1st Normandy, 5th Guildford, 1st Stoughton and 2nd Guildford learnt some new skills as well as having a fun day.

Inspired by the new Chief Scout Bear Grylls, the Cubs Participated in backwoods cooking, pioneered, constructed biviouacs, lit fires and undertook an orienteering course

Despite the short showers the Cubs enjoyed the day finishing off with a campfire

Cub Scout Indoor Challenge 2010

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picture.inline8 teams of Cub scouts took on the challenge of making a self propelled vehicle which would transport an egg safely. They were provided with cardboard, wooden and plastic “wheels”, dowelling and various wooden shapes, card, paper, balloons, elastic bands, glue, sellotape, plasticine and several other craft items.

They were also supplied with instructions on how to power a vehicle by balloon, and rubber band power. Unfortunately even with these instructions, and assistance from an Explorer Scout and leaders, it has to be reported that no vehicle travelled on a flat surface unaided. Once a ramp was added there was some success, but unfortunately some eggs were harmed in the process!

Although the challenge was roughly along the lines of the “great egg race”, judging was not only on achievement, it was also on teamwork and general behaviour. The winning team this year were from 2nd Guildford, but as usual it was difficult to choose the winner, as all teams tried their best to succeed.

Congratulations have to go not only to the winning team, but also to all those who took part.

Cub Scout Handicraft Competition 2009

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On a very wet and windy Saturday eight teams of Cub scouts worked very hard to make a zoetrope and a paper rocket.

Paper rockets; easy, do that in a few minutes….wrong! These rockets had full cutting out and folding instructions, not only for the rocket but the bellows to fire them (it was said in the instructions up to 5 metres). Our valiant Cub Scouts managed a metre maximum, but went away with ideas on how to improve on that.

The zoetrope was slightly less challenging, except of course they had to design their own set of sequenced drawings. Animation, was they thought quite an easy task, until they actually attempted it. But after a few mishaps of figures upside down, and glueing bits in the wrong place, they all managed to create a ‘moving picture’ show.

The concentration and effort were noticeable, and half time refreshments were very welcome, not only for the Cub Scouts but also the leaders, who were also trying to follow the instructions! The judging was very difficult, as all the Cub Scouts showed excellent teamwork, and skill, but winners there had to be, and for the 2nd year running it was 2nd Guildford in 1st place, with this year’s runners up being 1st Normandy.

Congratulations not only to those 2 teams, but also to all those who took part.


Cub Scout Cooking Competition 2009

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normandy_a_9th_b.inlineThis year the cooking competition was run following County rules, last year the competition took place at the District camp and all teams made the same main course and pudding, with Stoughton winning and going forward to represent us in the area finals.

This year all packs participating created their own menus, of 2 courses. The only stipulation being that the entire ingredients did not total more than £5.00, and had to consist of the core ingredients as set out by County. These being; potato, pasta or rice, onion, mushrooms, at least 1 fresh vegetable, meat, fish or tofu, and fresh fruit. Other items could be added but must be within budget.

The District Chairman, Bob, agreed to be judge and chief taster, and to date has suffered no ill effects! Seven teams took part, and we were presented with spaghetti bolognaise, sole with sauté potatoes, keema curry, sausage casserole, fruity pork meatballs, waldorf salad, bananas and custard, fresh fruit salad, rice and strawberries and strawberry meringues.

Greg Wallace would have been impressed at the flavours! Although some were accidental – the flaming tea towel and burnt saucepan to name but two. But the excellent standard of cooking made judging very difficult.

The eventual winners were 1st Normandy “A”, who will now represent Guildford West in the area heat on the 24th of October.

My thanks to Bob, all the leaders and parents who helped during the day, and to all the Cub Scouts for producing very tasty food. If they carry on with their cooking, we may see a Masterchef from Guildford in a few years time!

The Meals

Pictures of all the meals prepared can be seen below