Scout Network

What do Networks do exactly?
Put simply, anything they want! Networks are involved in activities as wide ranging as kayaking, rock climbing, water skiing, international projects in places as inspiring as Chile, Libya and Italy, work with young people and help within the local community… the list of activities, projects and events is almost endless. You can also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh as well as Scout Awards. By joining Scout Network a whole world of opportunity opens up to you. What you and your Network do is up to you.

Can I be a member of Network?
If you are aged between 18-25 then yes, of course you can! Some Network members will also be Leaders, Assistants or part of their local Scout Fellowship. Others will never have been involved in Scouting before – now is the time to start. Once you become a Network member, you can take part in pretty much any activity or event arranged by the 237 Networks there are across the UK.

OK, so how do Networks meet?
Well, Networks’ meeting times are flexible enough to suit their members. There are different types of Network – some meet to serve the needs of an area and take part in a wide variety of activities, whilst
others exist to fulfil certain roles such as a service crew at their local campsite, or concentrate on specific activities such as rock climbing.
Leaders/Helpers – Groups in Guildford are always looking for new leaders/extra help and whatever the commitment you can give to the movement we are willing to welcome you aboard.