Cyclo Cross 2010

On Sunday 21 March, Scouts and Explorers took part in the 28th annual Surrey Scouts Cyclo Cross competition at Ranmore camp site. This year, eight Scouts and two leaders from 2nd Guildford entered the competition. Each year the course seems to get longer and this year participants were challenged by the addition of a hairpin […]

Cub Scout Indoor Challenge 2010

8 teams of Cub scouts took on the challenge of making a self propelled vehicle which would transport an egg safely. They were provided with cardboard, wooden and plastic “wheels”, dowelling and various wooden shapes, card, paper, balloons, elastic bands, glue, sellotape, plasticine and several other craft items. They were also supplied with instructions on […]

Fundraising at Whitmoor Common

On Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of February, Scouts from Guildford West will be raising funds for two Scouts selected to attend the 2011 World Scout Jamboree at Whitmoor Common. Between 10-4 each day, they will be loading cars (£15) and trailers (£30) with logs.

Cub Scout Handicraft Competition 2009

On a very wet and windy Saturday eight teams of Cub scouts worked very hard to make a zoetrope and a paper rocket. Paper rockets; easy, do that in a few minutes….wrong! These rockets had full cutting out and folding instructions, not only for the rocket but the bellows to fire them (it was said […]

Bazzaz 2009

On the 13th of June 2009, Beaver Scouts from Guildford West District joined 2,000 Beaver Scouts from Surrey to try out their circus skills at Bazzaz 2009. Bazzaz happens every three years each time with a different theme. The theme for this year’s Bazzaz was the Circus. With over 100 activities to take part in […]

Bear Grylls officially becomes new UK Chief Scout

Bear Grylls officially became the Chief Scout of the United Kingdom on Saturday 11 July – cheered on by nearly 3,000 Explorer Scouts. The official handover between Peter Duncan (Chief Scout from 2004-2009) and Bear took place at 9.30am at Gilwell 24, an adventure camp for 14-18 year olds. They tackled activities from climbing to zorbing […]

Cubs Sports Challenge

Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket and Football joined Rugby, F1 racing, Tennis and cricket over this sporty weekend. Cub Scouts from 1st Normandy, 5th Guildford, 1st Stoughton, 1st Rydes Hill (St Marys) and 9th Guildford/St Nicolas participated in the third annual Guildford West Cub Scouts Sports Challenge seeing Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket and football played at Normandy Scout […]