Bazzaz 2009

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bazzaz_2009_04On the 13th of June 2009, Beaver Scouts from Guildford West District joined 2,000 Beaver Scouts from Surrey to try out their circus skills at Bazzaz 2009.

Bazzaz happens every three years each time with a different theme. The theme for this year’s Bazzaz was the Circus.

With over 100 activities to take part in at Cranleigh Showground in Cranleigh, Surrey, there was a lot to do, remember the Disney advert where the small boy stands in amazement well imagine the same scene but with 2,000 small boys and girls as they walked though the entrance.

What activities were there to do?
bazzaz_2009_01The activities were split up into District ran activities and bought in activities. This was to ensure that there was a large range of different activities that could be participated in during the day.

The Beavers were able to try quad biking, caving, climbing and backwoods cooking along with other adventurous activities to give them a taste of what’s to come in Cubs.

Many of the district bases were the old tried and tested bases which the beavers enjoy just as much as the big activities. They were able to send rockets into space (well high into the sky), take part in obstacle races, play giant chess or even have their face painted.

Then there was the big inflatable activities, punch and Judy and the Beavers were able to get up close with some reptiles including an alligator.

Did we get wet?
bazzaz_2009_02Well yes but only if you got in the way of the Fire Brigade. Surrey Fire and Rescue brought along a fire engine for the Beavers to look around, try on the equipment and generally make a noise with the sirens but as a treat (especially as it was hot), they unloaded their tanks via their fire hoses all over the waiting Beavers and adults.

Along with the Fire Service, Surrey Police turned up in three vehicles and despite breaching the peace, only one Beaver Scout got arrested and put in cuffs. He was only let off when he promised to do over 1000 hours of community service when he was an Explorer Scout.

The Theme

Well the circus was the theme and circus is what they got. As well as the many circus skills that they could try out, they were all lucky enough to see one of the shows in the big top by the Festival Circus.

Amongst the acts seen were trapeze artists, acrobats and axe throwing where one of the leaders was the victim that the axes were thrown at. However it was all an act as even though the leader was blindfolded the axes were skilfully guided by hand into the balloon positioned next to his body.

Did they have fun?
Of course they did and just to prove it, here are some quotes from some of the Beavers.

Jamie from 5th Guildford said. “It was great! I have been on the funhouse and made some rockets. It is fun here as there is lots to do”

Oscar from 1st Wood Street said “I enjoyed the little science base because I like trying new challenges”.

So will it happen again?
Yes, despite all the hard work it takes the organising team, Bazzaz will be back in three years, just as exciting and fun as this one.