District Scout Night Hike 2011

On March 25th fifty-one scouts from all scout troops in the District took part in the district night hike from 5th Guildford HQ to Normandy HQ for an overnight camp. Six of the eleven teams walked without adults and the other five walked with leaders or parents. Points were awarded for how quickly the teams completed the hike; for kit at the check in; and for attitude, teamwork, and success in the activities at the bases.

All teams deserve congratulations for walking the whole route, for learning and improving skills, and for remaining cheerful when they were tired or were put back on route after getting lost. In the scouting spirit of helping others, leaders and scouts helped to put up the tents for the final two teams who finished at 1.30 Saturday morning.

Of the competition teams, 2nd Guildford A was the fastest and scored the highest competition team result on bases. St Nicolas A came second and scored maximum points at check in where they were judged the most polite.

St Nicholas B scored the highest points on bases and Stoughton B was the fastest of the training teams.

Thank you to the supporting team of 35 – leaders, adult helpers, young leaders and explorers – who helped to run the event.

Competition teams

Team Walking score Base score Total
A 2nd Guildford A 138 212.50 774.50
E St Nicolas A 153 194.70 741.70
B Stoughton A 171 207.25 736.25
J Normandy C 192 208.58 716.58
F 2nd Guildford B 280 106.00 526.00
C Rydes Hill A 306 100.00 494.00

Training teams

Team Walking score Base score Total
I St Nicolas B 127 205.75 778.75
H Stoughton B 123 187.70 764.70
G Normandy B 131 190.70 759.70
D Normandy A 145 195.79 750.79
K Stoughton C 140 174.83 734.83