District Beaver Sleepover 2010

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Beaver Scouts from 2nd Guildford, 5th Guildford and St. Nicolas 9th Guildford; 23 Beaver Scouts in total descended on Bentley Copse camp site.

The evening started with the mandatory safety talk and a walk around the site. We then waited for our camp fire to be lit by Akela Tony and Adam Lees, they were struggling, due to the wood being wet (note for future- take some dry stuff!) but perseverance paid off and the fire was roaring, an energetic camp fire commenced, rounded off by having roasted marshmallows.

To calm the young people down after the fire they watched a DVD of the film ‘UP’ Believe it! they were settled by 11:15 YES that’s correct 11:15 they didn’t wake until 06:45 How brilliant is that?

The day started with a visit from the ACC for Beavers Sharon Andrews and our own DC. Sharon had the great pleasure of awarding Swallow, Janis Payne with her award of merit.

The day continued with karting and the adventure course, remembering that the sun shines on the righteous we had lovely sun all day.

The Beavers left at four O’clock tired but very happy and excited, It was a wonderful sleep over and I would like to thank all those who helped make it a great day!

ADC Beaver Scouts